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Peter is proud to announce that together with Marriage Equality Ireland,
he will release the single Love Will Tear Us Apart on Lonely Child
Records. The single is a duet with Prominent Actor JD Kelleher and will
be available to download on iTunes from May 11th.

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Love Will Tear
Us Apart

Please click on the iTunes logo to purchase this special song to help the Yes Equality campaign

Andrew Hyland

One of the key driving force behind the drive for a positive and potentially historic outcome.


About Peter

Dublin born and bred!! And with an Irish complexion too!
"I grew up listening to U2, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Hendrix, and I´ve been writing songs since I was 12. I Spent some years writing for pop band Phixx among others, My journey in music has taken me to many countries and involved some lovely people. I was lucky enough to experience chart success and even luckier, and blessed indeed to be able to express my music to people all over the world. Studio time is important and for me the chill out experience is vital. In studio I can be me and put those ideas down and make them reality "

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peter_m.smith with Marti Riera

Marti Riera

Lead Guitar
Born and raised in Catalunya, surrounded by people, animals and music.

Meet La Banda......

I´m so proud to work with these guys and everyday with them I learn something new. I am in awe of these guys, my music family - there experience, there passion, there vision. Together we make a sound that we hope people can love.... our music.

David Ibarz Ramirez

Bass Guitar
A man of few words, David lets his funk do the talking.

peter_m.smith with David Ibarz Ramirez

Jaume ‘Jimmy’ Piñol

A vastly experienced drummer and also a renowned producer.

peter_m.smith with Jaume ‘Jimmy’ Piñol

Peter's Photo Gallery

"It´s exciting going to work in this way and being in music again. There´s always a camera around and I wanna share everything with you guys, and some cheeky selfies!!!"

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This song came about after a Jam with the Band SilverSky in London. My take on fighting in bars and pubs in Ireland.

Felony PS

In its original form, SilverSky had a tune and I just added the words I fel most fitted around their amazing playing


This song is very personal, I had been dumped by a girl with whom I had a distructive relationship. She chose Christmas Day

Deaf Peoples Disco

I spent a lot of my childhood listening to Jimmy Hendrix, I wanted to do something funny to highlight how I felt that Jimmy wasn´t always serious.

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Lonely Child Music

"Studio time is important and for me the chill out experience is vital. In studio I can be me and put those ideas down and make them reality" "Soundcloud is a huge thing for me.. I need to get feedback from my followers. If they think a demo is good, I listen and usually mix and master based on their opinion. Of course I have my own mind, but sometimes you get too close to a song and lose objectivity".

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